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I'm Shrey.

I help Creators and Influencers build




Web Experiences for their audience.

Hold on tight - Just getting this page ready!

Stunning web experiences!

Stunning web experiences!

Creating your personal space on the Worldwide Web!

I help you to craft and develop your brand’s bespoke Web Identity.
I love creating powerful brands and digital experiences that your audience easily connects with and enjoys using.

Need a refreshingly modern website that screams your style?
I’m the guy.

Have a new product or a service that needs to reach millions of your audience?
I’m the guy.

Need someone to look after your dog?
I’m the guy again and I’ll do it for free.
(psst. I love dogs!)

Click and Drag to Interact

How will my website stand out from the crowd?

(you might ask)

Strategic Design and pixel-perfect development.

You've spent days and nights creating content, perfecting that single B-Roll and making sure your laptop doesn't fry up while exporting that video, all for one thing - "Quality".

Your custom digital experience should deliver that "Quality", that style that you want your audience to feel.

I make sure the experiences I create, deliver on just that.

PR Friendly means better business!

You really want those companies to glide through your website and understand exactly how awesome it is to work with you!

Brands and companies are constantly looking for the right influencer.

With crystal clear messaging and a beautifully interactive experience, they'll know right away that you're exactly what they want and ready for business!

Creating your own content distribution channel!

As content creators, we initally rely on third party distributors like YouTube.
But with a growing audience, it's really important to have your own distribution channel.

A quality website enables your audience to trust you with quality content and hit the subscribe button right away!
My designs focus on creating the best possible user experience in your custom style.

For Every user. For screens large and small.

Ever came across a website thats just unusable on your iPhone? Yeah, that’s bad design.

With most people using the internet on the go, websites specially optimised for mobile devices cannot be an afterthrought.

Big or Small, you look beautiful on every screen.

Stunning and subtle animations.

Your audience knows how deeply you care about the experience they get when they watch or listen to you.

In the web world - we do it by implementing just the right amount of interactions that give your website that AWESOME experience!

Interestingly, it also increases your rank on Google because people tend to stay on the site longer;)


The Process


The Free Strategy Call

This is when we meet for the first time! One of the most essential parts of the process as we determine whether we are a fit for each other.

We'll discuss -
1. Your and your brand’s voice.
2. How you want your website experience to feel like!
3. Your goals with the website.. (increase subscribers, make it PR friendly, make it easy for people to contact you).
4. Strategies to make it happen
5. How awesome dogs are <3

Illustration of two people video calling on-line


The Proposal

Based on our first meeting, I design a proposal which covers our strategies, our content, how we will be converting our goals, pricing etc.

Illustration of a man presenting a project


Design and Development

After we have a clear mutual understanding, I design the first few prototypes and wireframes.
Only when you're convinced that this is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your life, I develop that design into a functional and a beautiful site, ready for business.

Illustration of a man working on his laptop


Launch and Deploy!

When all’s done, I hit the deploy button and we pop a bottle of Champagne. And also probably subscribe to your content - cause you're awesome!

Your website launching into the cloud!

Want to create something awesome!?

Let's do this!

I'm still deciding..